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Approved May 18, 1998

Revised September 19, 2022


The name of this corporation shall be the Pikes Peak Arts Council, Incorporated. The official mailing address is:

P.O. Box 1073, Colorado Springs, CO 80901.


The name of this corporation shall be the Pikes Peak Arts Council, Incorporated. The official mailing address is

P.O. Box 1073, Colorado Springs, CO 80901.


Mission: Pikes Peak Arts Council: To honor, connect and enrich local artists.

Vision: Artists are thriving in and essential to the Pikes Peak Region.

This corporation is organized exclusively as a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)3 of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code.


Section 1: Membership

Membership in the Pikes Peak Arts Council shall be open to all individuals, organizations, or businesses interested in the mission and vision of the Pikes Peak Arts Council. Classes of membership and annual dues amounts shall be designated by the Board of Directors (Any further mention of “Board” refers to the Board of Directors). Voting privileges shall be maintained solely by the board of directors, or subcommittees should the board establish said committee, but for committee to hold no higher or equal voting power to the board of directors, and only hold limited voting abilities over operations for which the committee is established to conduct.

Section 2: Membership Meetings

A minimum of one general membership meeting will be held per year.

Section 3: Special Membership Meetings

Special Membership Meetings may be called by the Board and shall be called by quorum of the Board upon written request via email, or verbally at any regular or special meeting where a majority of the Board is present. Notice shall be sent to members in advance detailing the purpose, time, and place of the special meeting.


Section 1: Number, Tenure and Election

The Board of Directors shall consist of not more than fifteen (15) or less than nine (9) Directors. The Board of Directors shall include four officers (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer).

Directors and officers shall be elected or retained at the member voting meetings which are to be held on the first Monday following the month following the end of each fiscal quarter.. All Board members are eligible to vote. Individual Board members shall present a list of potential candidates to the Board prior to a Board Member voting meeting. Additional nominations shall also be accepted from the floor, with the consent of the nominee prior to the election. Officers and directors will be elected by ballot when there is more than one nominee for any office or director position. Any Officer may be removed from office by a majority vote of Directors at any time.

Section 2: General Responsibilities

The Board of Directors shall have general charge, control and responsibility for the affairs, funds and property of the Pikes Peak Arts Council.  The Board shall accept financial or in-kind gifts to carry out the purposes of the Pikes Peak Arts Council.

Section 3: Vacancies

Vacancies due to resignation, unexcused absence or other explicit reasons shall be filled by a nomination from the Board via quorum at any regular Board of Directors meeting. Vacancies can also be filled by volunteer of existing board members should no conflict of interest be present. Should an existing Board member volunteer to fill the vacancy, that individual will be required to remain in such position until such time as the earlier of either a replacement being found by election of a new board member, or until the unexpired portion of the departing Director's term. Should no volunteers or eligible new Board members be able to fill the vacancy, the resigning member must remain on the board until a replacement has been made.

Section 4: Meetings

The Board of Directors shall hold no less than six regular meetings each year.  Special meetings of the Board of Directors may be called by the Board upon the written or verbal request of a Board member should a quorum agree to the special meeting unless the requesting party is the president by which no quorum is required.  Notice shall be sent to all Directors containing the purpose and time and place of the special meeting at least three days in advance.

Section 5: Quorum and Attendance

A majority of the total membership of the Board shall constitute a quorum. To transact business a quorum must be present and a majority vote of the Directors present shall be required. The President, in consultation with one other officer, shall have the authority to call an emergency meeting of the Board and transact any and all necessary business without a quorum of directors being present. Such actions must be ratified at the next meeting when a quorum is present.

Attendance at meetings of the Board of Director is a responsibility of each member. A member of the board who fails to attend two meetings in any one membership year (unexcused) shall be given notice by the President that if the member concerned shall miss one more meeting, he may be asked to resign form the board.

Section 6: Conflict of Interest

Each member of the Board of Directors shall disclose to the Board Directors any conflict of interest that may exist or arise at the any regular or special meeting of the Board of Directors, and recorded in the meeting minutes. The Board shall make reasonable efforts to remove conflicts of interest.

Section 7: Director Indemnification

The Corporation shall hold harmless each director of any liability such director may incur while performing the duties of the Board of Directors in a reasonable and prudent manner. Further, the Corporation shall indemnify any director of any actual expenses or costs reasonably incurred in the defense of any action, suit or proceeding - civil or criminal - to which he/she may be a party by reason of being or having been a director of the Corporation, except if such director is finally adjudged in such action, suit or proceeding to be liable for negligence or misconduct in the performance of any duty to the Corporation.


Section 1: Terms

The officers of the Pikes Peak Arts Council shall consist of President, Vice President, Recording Secretary and Treasurer.  The officers shall be elected for a two (2) year term upon first election, and any sequential term lengths will be decided by the Board, not to exceed another two (2) years. The number of terms a Board member can serve will be subject to no limitations.

Section 2: Duties

President: The President shall preside at all meetings of the Membership, Board of Directors, and Executive Committee; shall be the chief executive officer of the Corporation; and shall be an ex-officio member of all Committees except the nominating committee.

Vice-President:  The Vice-President shall carry out such duties as the Board of Directors or the Executive Committee may from time to time direct. In the absence of the President the Vice-President may act in place and stead of the President.

Recording Secretary:  The Recording Secretary shall be responsible for the taking and keeping of minutes of all Membership, Board of Directors, and Executive Committee meetings.

Treasurer:  The Treasurer shall be responsible for the oversight of all funds of the Corporation including collecting dues and receiving all monies. The Treasurer shall chair the Finance Committee, if established, and prepare the annual budget and make payments in accordance with the approved budget or as directed by the Board. The Treasurer shall be responsible for establishing and maintaining full and accurate accounts and shall present financial statements at the Board Meetings as requested.

The Board may appoint an Executive Director to carry out the programs and policies as authorized by the Board of Directors and or executive Committee. The Executive Director shall be responsible for the performance of all other employees of the Corporation and shall be an exofficio, non-voting, member of all committees.


Section 1: Fiscal Year

The fiscal year shall be from Jan 1 to Dec 31.

Section 2: Accounts and Audit

The books and accounts of the Pikes Peak Arts Council shall be kept in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and shall be audited annually by the Audit Committee at the close of the fiscal year.

Section 3: Debts

No Board member shall have the power to contract any debt or incur any obligation on behalf of or binding upon the Board without prior consent of the Board.

Section 4: Authorized Signatures

No Board member shall have sole control over any financial accounts. Any transactions requiring signatures will be approved by vote of the board only, then signed by the Board member(s) with authorizing abilities from which account is involved.


Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised shall be the parliamentary authority for matters of procedure not specifically covered by the bylaws or by specific rules of procedure adopted by the Board of Directors.


These bylaws may be altered, amended, or repealed in whole or in part by the affirmative vote of 2/3 of the membership present, at the Annual Meeting or at any regular or special meeting; provided notice of such proposed action with respect to the bylaws is provided to the membership in advance.


The Pikes Peak Arts Council shall be dissolved by a majority vote of the membership present at a meeting called for such a vote. One month notification shall be given to all membership of the meeting called for this purpose.

In the event of dissolution, the assets of the Pikes Peak Arts Council will be distributed to such arts, charitable and educational organizations in the community that are tax exempt for federal income tax purposes as the Board of Directors shall determine.


This policy defines the Pikes Peak Arts Council's policy on discrimination and applies to all employees, contractors and members.  The Pikes Peak Arts Council does not discriminate against anyone for any reason.

The Pikes Peak Arts Council believes in equal opportunity and will accept members and employ personnel without regard to race, creed, color, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, physical or mental handicap, veteran status, and/or marital status.

This policy also applies to internal promotions, training, opportunities for advancement, terminations, relationships with outside vendors and customers, use of contractors and consultants, and in dealing with the general public.


It is the policy of the Pikes Peak Arts Council to use all commercially purchased software in accordance with its individual licensing agreement.  Unless otherwise provided in the license, any duplication of copyrighted software, except for backup and archival purposes, is a violation contrary to the organization's standard of conduct.

The purpose of this policy is to comply with Title 17 of the U. S. Code in the protection of "original works of authorship" that are fixed in a tangible form of expression.  These categories should be viewed quite broadly and include literary, dramatic, musical, artistic, audiovisual, and computer programs as well as other intellectual works. Adopted by a unanimous vote of the Board of Directors, Nov. 9, 1999.

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