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Pikes Peak Arts Council

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The following are volunteer-based board of director positions for the Pikes Peak Arts Council. If you feel your skills match one of these positions please fill out the application form at the bottom of this page.

Advocacy & Outreach Committee - Community Partnerships:

Role: The Community Partnerships Board Member will lead efforts to establish and maintain strategic partnerships with local organizations, businesses, and community leaders. They will identify collaboration opportunities, strengthen existing relationships, and work towards shared goals to advance the arts in our community. This role involves networking, negotiation, and a passion for community engagement.

Finance Committee - Grant Writing:

Role: The Grant Writing Board Member will be responsible for researching, writing, and managing grant proposals to secure funding for PPAC's programs and initiatives. They will identify suitable grant opportunities, develop compelling proposals, and maintain relationships with grantors. This role requires strong writing skills, attention to detail, and a deep understanding of the organization's goals and needs.

Advocacy & Outreach Committee - Website Operations:

Role: The Website Operations Board Member will oversee the functionality and user experience of our website. They will ensure that the website serves as an effective platform for communicating our mission, events, and resources to our community. This role involves technical proficiency, an eye for design, and the ability to analyze website performance data to enhance user engagement.

Membership Committee - Member Engagement:

Role: The Membership Committee Board Member will focus on growing and retaining PPAC's membership base. They will develop strategies to attract new members, enhance the membership experience, and encourage member engagement with PPAC's events and programs. This role involves marketing, communication, and a dedication to fostering a supportive and inclusive artistic community.

How to Apply:
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