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The Pikes Peak Arts Council is a non-profit organization founded in 1968 to honor, connect, and enrich local artists, working to ensure that artists are thriving in, and essential to, the Pikes Peak Region.

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Robert Gray  | President 

Robert has lived in the Pikes Peak Region for over 20 years and has become a staple in the art community. Although his portfolio is vast in its diversity, his main focus is helping people work through their past traumas through the creation of tableaux. His passion for helping people has led him to work with various mental health groups throughout Colorado. His leadership style stems from his Engineering experience, as well as from teaching roles. 

Sean Pinion | Interim Treasurer 

Sean is a transplant from Louisiana and has lived in Colorado Springs since 2016. He is an avid volunteer in the community and has coordinated several projects in Colorado Springs. His work is inspired by the beauty of the natural world and melds it with his own imagination. Sean brings a wealth of technical, strategic, and financial knowledge to the board and hopes to contribute to it's growth and development.

Deidre Greenly | Board Member at Large

As a multimedia artist, Deidre creates 2D and 3D forms that examine concepts of destruction and renewal. The combination of her B.F.A. in Fine Arts and B.S. in Electrical Engineering complement her artistic interests exercising both creative and critical thinking. Her designs integrate abstraction with realism in content and aesthetics . She’s a cultural blend born and raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico which she often visits and cherishes as her original home. She embraced Colorado Springs several years ago where she and her husband raised their family. Deidre works in her art studio exploring connections between humanity and nature through sculpting and painting. Her practice is focused on human impact and the possibility of change.

Callie GribbinsBoard Member at Large

Callie is a local promoter/ music enthusiast. She moved to Colorado Springs in January 2020, before the start of Covid-19. Quickly emerging herself in “underground” live music, to escape the pandemic; she found a community. You can now find her partnering with local artists and venues to produce engaging events across the Pikes Peak region! Callie would like to bring a greater awareness to local artists (communities), and believes "everyone deserves a spot on the map.”

Emily B Solomon | Vice President

With a background in anthropology, tech, and hospitality, Emily has multifaceted experiences that help inform her art. After spending several years in DC and then the Tri-State Area, Emily moved to Colorado Springs in 2021 and has been diving into the art community since. Now painting full time, she’s passionate about using her work to start discussions regarding mental health awareness and trauma-informed therapy. 

Ari Flatt Treasurer Committee

Ari has lived in Colorado Springs for most of her life with roots in local theater groups. She has dabbled in everything from sculpting, fencing, acting, voiceover work to standup comedy. Her current role is working as a Communications Specialist for locally owned and operated full service agency called Adpro Results. She is attending the University of Colorado Colorado Springs for her bachelor’s degree in Organizational and Strategic Communications and is passionate about the local community and hopes to expand her involvement.

Sarah FreemanBoard Member at Large

Sarah is an active member of the arts community and owner of Skye Candle Company in Manitou Springs. In addition, she is also owner of Dwell Reality and brings over 15 years of business experience to the table.

Lauren RomeroBoard Member at Large

Lauren is a Colorado Springs native with an ever growing love and appreciation for the arts and creative community around her. She has been painting and creating since a very young age. Her professional background is in talent coordination for an Australian vitamin company that has now expanded to the US. She manages outreach, gifting and the initial creating of relationships with content creators. Outside of her professional life, she loves catching live music sets, hanging outside, painting and spending quality time with her loved ones.

Kai Gaynor Secretary

Kai is a Colorado Springs artist, community advocate and resident of over 10 years. Her career is as a freelance artist and owner of a local art shop called Momo-XO, where she sells variety of art prints, stickers, and etc. Her creative mantra is: "Till death we do art.", which stresses the importance of the creation process as a constant pursuit of self exploration and fulfillment she will.

Lilly Gray | Board Member at Large

Lilly is an environmentalist, wisdom enthusiast, barista, social activist and creative who has found home to the springs since birth. Multifaceted she values and explores expression between the limits of human condition. Whether use of poetry with pencil, paint, language and voice, fabric, body, or space, Lilly leaks art to light up her world. You’ll find her making lattes at your local cafe, thrifting vintage trinkets and threads, listening to cassettes and live music, playing with worms, engaged in social activism, crafting, or sharing a beer with friends

Daniel Logan | Board Member at Large

Daniel is a local artist that paints primarily animals, landscapes, and what he describes as the grit of life using a mixed media of acrylic and charcoal. After getting out of the military in 2019, Daniel pursued his passion for art by graduating from Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design in 2022 with a Bachelors in Illustration. In 2023 Daniel started his own art business and has been pursuing his love for art ever since. 

Mike Van Galder | Board Member at Large

Mike is a visual artist specializing in oil painting and a native of the region who loves this city and all the wonderful people trying to share their arts.  He has a professional background in process improvement, product development, training, and sometimes sprinklers.  Helping to connect and develop relationships in the artistic community has become something he is passionate about.  

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