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The Pikes Peak Arts Council is a non-profit organization founded in 1968 to honor, connect, and enrich local artists, working to ensure that artists are thriving in, and essential to, the Pikes Peak Region.

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Robert Gray  | President 

Robert has lived in the Pikes Peak Region for over 20 years and has become a staple in the art community. His leadership style stems from his prior Engineering experience, as well as from his teaching roles. 

In addition to the Pikes Peak Arts Council, he serves on the Public Art Commission for the city of Colorado Springs

Sam Ken | Board Member at Large

Sam is an oil painter and sketch artist that currently resides in Colorado Springs. He specializes in portraits and figurative paintings but is always in search of ways to challenge and express himself. He is relatively new to Colorado Springs, but he loves the art community and is constantly inspired by his surroundings

Maxine Eurich | Board Member at Large

Maxine is a Colorado Springs local with a passion for reveling in community and the beautiful talents of those around her. She is a mixed media artist using entirely secondhand/recycled/found materials. If you see her, give her a big hug.

Sarah Freeman | Secretary

Sarah is an active member of the arts community and owner of Skye Candle Company in Manitou Springs. In addition, she is also owner of Dwell Reality and brings over 15 years of business experience to the table.

Lilly Gray | Board Member at Large

Lilly is an environmentalist, wisdom enthusiast, barista, social activist and creative who has found home to the springs since birth. Multifaceted she values and explores expression between the limits of human condition. Whether use of poetry with pencil, paint, language and voice, fabric, body, or space, Lilly leaks art to light up her world. You’ll find her making lattes at your local cafe, thrifting vintage trinkets and threads, listening to cassettes and live music, playing with worms, engaged in social activism, crafting, or sharing a beer with friends.

Mycole Eversole Treasurer

Although music is an integral part of his story, finance and business acumen brought Mycole Eversole to the Pikes Peak Arts Council. The discipline and commitment that it took to be a 4-time state drumline medalist and part of the Top of the Nation Honor Band has served Mycole well, especially in his entrepreneurial endeavors in home improvement, business consulting, E-commerce, and direct sales.

Mycole believes that the topic of finances has become one of the most overcomplicated, taboo topics in our society, but it doesn’t have to be! His goal is to help artists be able to do what they love, by helping them do it profitably.

Mycole is working toward a Bachelor of Innovation degree in both finance and accounting from the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs.

Jerry Rhodes | Board Member at Large

Jerry  is a ceramic artist living in Colorado Springs, Colorado. His work has appeared in numerous juried shows and exhibitions. He currently exhibits in galleries throughout the United States and has many pieces in public and private collections internationally. Jerry has an Electrical Engineering degree from Penn State University, is a former Air Force officer, and has held numerous satellite and space systems engineering positions throughout his career. Jerry has finally(!) retired from his day job, and is thankfully able to commit more time to travel and the arts.

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