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  • Art Boss - Downtown Photo Walk in Colorado Springs

Art Boss - Downtown Photo Walk in Colorado Springs

  • 10 Sep 2022
  • 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM
  • In front of the Kreuser Gallery


Registration is closed

Downtown Colorado Springs Photo Walk


Brian Tryon  and Robert Gray

Ever wanted to learn how your camera works in a fun street environment? Now is your chance to learn from 2 of our city's best. This Class will consist of a photo walk in Downtown Colorado Springs. There will be a brief introduction on how your camera work, then hit the pavement for a guided adventure. The Exposure Triangle,  Composition and Environmental lighting techniques will be taught during this adventure. All experience Levels, cameras and cellphones welcome.

About Brian:  Brian is self taught photography and visual artist. A purist, believing that the snap is the final product. Everything you do is in camera. No photoshop or any manipulations. Using photography as a way of self healing, being in the moment, getting out of himself in a healthy way. Escaping through the lens. Shooting the weird; wonderful and spiritual side of life. The purpose of the final result: the photograph is to create emotion, make the viewer feel and to turn on. Portraiture is one of his favorite mediums along with street photography, travel photography and lifestyle photography. Capturing the real emotion of the subjects. Finding lines and textures that are striking To compose a photograph that pleases the eye, and to make to viewer ask questions. 

About Robert: 

Engineer turned artist; Robert brings a fresh eye to photography with a raw intimacy that captures the human spirit. Robert’s love of the arts, creativity and adventure led him to photography back in 2008 while he was in Egypt. This was the beginning of his journey to master the art of storytelling. Robert’s dynamic style of storytelling guides the viewers' imagination to run rampant with their own creativity, while simultaneously reaching them on an emotional level. He loves to experiment with his art. Although his portfolio is vast in its diversity, his main focus is helping people work through their past traumas through the creation of tableaux. Street photography is also a huge influence in most of his artistic storytelling. He has been known to use whatever medium necessary to tell his story. Robert’s passion for helping people has led him to work with various mental health groups throughout Colorado. Anywhere from teaching photography and holding workshops to public speaking at Events and Symposiums.

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